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Web, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, eMail, BES Web Hosting Services

Web, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, eMail, BES
Web Hosting Services (Picture from Wikipedia)

Market share depends as much on gaining visibility for your offering as it does on your offering meeting a specific need in the market place.

In today’s world Online Marketing plays a key role in achieving that objective. Inbound marketing is a strategic tool for building market share: Far more effective than the old way of doing things.

We found that our web hosting services provider for the past 15 years – since February 1997 – could no longer meet the demands and expectations of effectively supporting Continue reading

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A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business: It Seeks Answers Hidden In Data!

CAx tools in the context of product lifecycle ...

Product Lifecycle Management

A growing business is a smarter business: It seeks answers hidden in its data! Most businesses today that are actively producing products and/or services quickly build up a vast collection of data but often the value inherent in that data pool is neither recognized nor accessed as the potential gold mine resource that it really is; as a source of business intelligence to help the business grow. Inherent business value remains hidden in data, untapped instead of being mined and shared for its business intelligence benefits.

Typically, the key difference between a business facing growth versus one facing failure, stagnation and Continue reading

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Monoculture: The Hazard We Face Developing A Monocultural Youth

English: Bag of trouble The next generation of...Monoculture: The hazard we face developing a monocultural youth is quite real and also really quite not understood. More and more through successive upcoming generations of our youth since the early 80’s, we have successively reduced training the capacity for critical thinking as we have cut back on education. The old adage that “Ye Shall Reap As Ye Shall Sow” is so true even without Biblical connotations though this article is not going to get into any of the latter aspects here.

This principle of reaping what is sown applies in life as a maxim of which we should all be well aware and live by; it is also the underlying idea used to Continue reading

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Starting, Building, Growing, Turning Around or Selling/Merging Your Business? Could You Use Some Help? What Kind?

Growing any business in any financial environment – good or bad – is a continual experimental, and incrementally developmental, process; a “work” that is continuously “in progress”, a journey without end if handled correctly.

New Business Plant Skeleton

Building a business from bare green-field site to fully operating production enterprise

There is a constant need to check and analyze direction and results: Is the mission still meaningful? Do we even have a quotable, believable and workable mission for our business? Are purpose and goals still relevant? Is the intended audience (market, customers) still open to expansion for our particular collection of products or services or is it shrinking as was the case for Buggy Whip makers in the early days of Automobiles replacing Horse Drawn Carriages. Is the revenue stream a net-cash-inflow and is the net profit margin and business equity value growing and capable of further growth … or not? So many questions that we must continuously ask ourselves, get answers and review to make sure our business direction is upwards and not stagnating or going downwards. Continue reading

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LEAN Manufacturing Hits Road Bump: Supply Chain “Just In Time” (JIT)

LEAN Manufacturing Hits Road Bump: The DailyMailUK_KantoHwyAfterQuake“Just In Time” (JIT) Supply Chain – both in Japan and related deliveries from Japan following upon the earthquake and tsunami – hit a major stumbling block. The aftermath provides an opportunity to discuss an item excerpted from the (03/24/11) New York Times Business Section under the “REUTERS BREAKINGVIEWS” (page B2) sub-section – ROB COX and WAYNE ARNOLD.

This has been excerpted here because it was run together with a separate leading piece about banking reforms that has no direct relevance to the specific topic here and thus could not otherwise be discretely handled.

This NYT article has important implications for any business happily running LEAN Supply-Chain Operations. Not that there is anything Continue reading

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Team Meritocracy? Team Diversity? ~ Can the former be achieved if the latter is a constraint?

“Lessons Learned: Why diversity matters (the meritocracy business)”

First let me acknowledge that the above subtitle has been taken directly from the title of a blog posted originally in February 2010 by Eric Ries ~ @ericries the guru (along with Steve Blank @sgblank) of #lean in web start-ups ~ that came back into focus recently; an event that was the stimulus to write this blog and which led to the choice of wording for the primary title for this blog. More about this below.

In the course of this edition of the MISSIcom blog, and in the context of the title and sub-title, I want to discuss with you some of the related issues underlying such key staffing considerations as I perceive them: Recruiting and Maintaining the best and the brightest; what are the factors to be considered in the effort to achieve a Meritocratic team comprised of an appropriately Diverse group of recruits? Is the goal of building a meritocratic team even capable of achievement if diversity has also to be achieved or are these actually mutually exclusive objectives? What do we mean by meritocracy and what do we mean by diversity?

In regard to recruiting processes, this discussion is not just about being, or even about attempting to be, politically correct in our choices of candidates or even about functioning appropriately under the directives of Affirmative Action nor is it about discrimination or avoiding discrimination per se albeit that we are naturally obliged ethically and morally as well as legally to bear such issues in mind when making recruiting choices. This is about how, in reality as individual human beings charged with responsibility for putting together a team, we most often tend to go about achieving what we individually consider to be a well balanced team of the best, brightest, appropriately most capable staff for most effectively achieving the objectives we have at hand while knowingly functioning within the bounds of these various constraints. Continue reading

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A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business ~ It Seeks Answers Via In-Bound Marketing!

Today the smarter business uses Inbound Marketing and eCommerce principles. This approach effectively drives down costs while driving up results: The mode today is to create web sites, to blog, to twitter, to use Social Networks to spread the word about your offerings and to design and use your web site to not just share information about your products and services … and … Today the smarter business also heavily relies upon data; information that it gathers from visitors to its web site, its blogs, its tweets and from the internet in general where relevant to the business and the environment in which the business is operating. The Smarter Business Knows Answers Lie Hidden In The Data And Continually Seeks to Uncover Those Clues So As To Be Vigilantly Proactive In Its Decision Making. Continue reading

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Communicating with your clients: Skype v WebEx v GoToMeeting

At MISSI (Management Information Systems Solutions & Initiatives) for the past several years we have been using “GoToMeeting” very reliably to provide direct technical support of clients as well as for other more general communication pc-to-pc purposes such as for webinars and have found it easy and very effective for our purposes.

It is, perhaps ironic, that we arrived at the choice for GoToMeeting after first using WebEx for a while in conjunction with a software vendor. We also tasted AccuConference through connections with a past client and looked at a couple of other options. In an admittedly rather un-scientific manner, though cost was a consideration, we ultimately decided that GoToMeeting offered all we needed in terms of supporting and connecting with our clients – or rather, the combination of GoToMeeting together with our Skype account gave us the full scope of inter-communication functionality that we needed for our business in servicing our clients ~ the only reason that we exist as a business in the first place!

Mark Suster (@msuster) has just posted a very informative blog based upon his own experiences in this realm and prompted by the recent announcement of a $10M funding for “Huddle” which, according to Continue reading

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Clever “Adobe Risk Management” Fake Alert ~ Do not be fooled!

Image representing Adobe Systems as depicted i...

Courtesy CrunchBase

The above title for today’s cautionary tale was lightly ‘stolen’ from the blog of our good friend Bill Houle, formerly Director of IT for Verari Technologies, Inc and now with Verance.

There have been frequent rogue exploits by the cracker community to use references to Adobe Flash and suggesting that there is an update that must be applied as a simple, almost believable, foil to spoof people into doing things that would compromise their computer systems but a recent significant advancement in “social engineering” to con the recipient into unwittingly adopting the conclusions and actions promoted in the offending email have reached a level of sophistication that makes avoiding making a drastic mistake even harder to do. As time goes by we all need to be increasingly vigilant against making the mistake of falling for these spoofs for everyone that blindly goes where angels fear to tread makes the web world generally more hazardous for all of us.

With that introduction, we heartily recommend that you carefully read Bill’s blog with the above title at The Dark Side Geek: Interesting name that Bill has chosen for his blog given that he is one of the smartest white side geeks we have come across in many a year; his observations are very well worth considering, his advice well worth taking. In this instance, Continue reading

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Is (packaged) Business Intelligence (BI) Software Coming Up Short?

The article quoted below was written by David Needle and published April 29, 2010 on the “IT Management” website at:

The article directly addresses a principle limitation of BI tools: The information presented to Decision Makers typically begs addition questions that then require asking IT for further reports to clarify the underlying issues so that intelligent decisions can be made based upon facts rather than intuition. This is exactly the kind of support that MISSI provides to our clients; The article does a good job of explaining why even if you already have BI tools available, you still additionally need the kind of business related knowledge and experience skills and services that we provide to help you make profitable decisions. Our people work directly with your people to provide the kind of BI you need to achieve profitable results. This all fits perfectly within the scope of our passion for growing business: It’s part of the strategy of mapping out where you are so you can compare with where you want to go and where you actually may be headed which may not be where you actually want to go. Without clear data, there can be no way to reliably chart your course and stay on course moving towards your goals.

Business Intelligence software can play a vital role in helping IT and knowledge workers get a handle on increasingly huge warehouses of customer data and other information critical to their sales and overall business. But does that go far enough?

In many cases, the answer is no. Continue reading

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