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Bio of TBBHD Founder

MISSI/TBBHD Founder's Picture

Peter S. Beddows

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Co-Founder and Managing Partner


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A storied entrepreneurial history originating from experiences gained from within the family retailing, farming and metallurgical engineering businesses and otherwise dating back into high-school days that included starting and running a number of successful ventures raising money for school activities, Peter has followed family tradition with a passion for growing business.

Upon graduation, the opportunity arose for moving into the technologically complex and challenging capital-intensive field of innovative large-scale capital equipment systems. This career stage involved developing, marketing and implementing custom instrumentation and automation control systems as solutions for managing the process systems of very large, complex, furnaces for the Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Glass industries. The company designed and built furnaces worldwide which brought Peter into direct contact with customers, contractors, resources and locations as far apart from the UK as Finland, Africa, India, Australia, Asia, Canada and other countries in between; a great way to discover how to negotiate across national and multi-cultural lines as well as learn about international markets and about successfully working with all levels of corporate world from bankers, lawyers and board room to production, contractors, skilled trades and journey crafts-people.

This experience was followed by a period immersed in the advanced electronics systems industry in the UK yet again focused upon international market opportunities. Developing a practical, cost-effective solution to a potential customer's need for a system to handle automating the mechanical handling systems in a new product re-distribution warehouse required first inventing the solution, winning the order and subsequently managing the whole contract activity from systems design through production to on-site installation and customer hand-over: The success of this venture also lead to the company investing further in developing this line of business. Then in turn, this success lead to having the opportunity for inventing and marketing a system to reliably control personnel access to very high-level/high-risk security zones. This new technology and methodology for securely controlling site access was taken and demonstrated to potential customers in Saudi Arabia. This success lead to the company starting a new Security Management Systems division which became a very lucrative business niche for them that did not require any substantial new investment because it utilized many existing resources and capabilities. And that experience was followed by taking responsibility for managing the international multi-national team and resource logistics of a joint UK-US bleeding-edge capital systems development project.

An opportunity arose for creating and building an internationally focused marketing communications business handling promotion projects in all major UK exhibition venues for clients from both sides of the Atlantic; subsequently selling his interest in the business when given the rewarding opportunity to build a new production plant from green-field to fully operational business in Wales. Then in 1979, having been Operations Manager of a complex advanced technology manufacturing business that was the UK subsidiary of a New York based, VC funded company and having also gathered experiences in developing commercial and industrial property from greenfield sites to full plant operations, Peter suggested to the US Board and VC backers, that a new niche business based upon bringing together the British and American made capital systems produced by the respective entities into one joint operations building and selling service time use of those systems to customers could be a very lucrative venture. This resulted in being transferred to the US to start up that original business venture in New Jersey: Subsequently resulted in the profitable sale of the company to Monsanto.

Coming to California in 1981 was to take over the primary, multi-million dollar, TOKOMAK magnetic containment management systems development contract of a failing sub-division of Gulton Industries. Peter was not only cited by DOE for success in turning that around but also successfully handled the contract novation transfer of all related business activity, inventory, engineering and production resources from that LA company to a company based in the SF Bay Area. There followed several other similarly successful OEM business and product development turn-around stories for other companies up to 1989 when Peter joined with two other founders in starting PayRite, a payroll services bureau company.

With the subsequent sale of PayRite, Peter then launched MISSI in September of 1991 with the specific purpose of building a company that would provide the resources, expertise, skills and experience that would help other entrepreneurs achieve success with their own ventures. During this time, in additional to his original qualifications, Peter succeeded in qualifying for the APICS CSCP certification ~ Certified Supply Chain Professional. As a keen student of the philosophies and principles promulgated by the late Peter Drucker after first meeting Drucker while in college back in the UK, and continuing to be an avid student of business, technology and people leadership, Peter brings many credentials and considerable experience of success in dealing with start-up, growing and stalled business and product ventures, spotting and taking opportunities from idea and solution generation to implementation and providing leadership and guidance to help clients break through to success in their own ventures.