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Business Functions To Outsource, Sub-Contract or Consult For Business Growth

Resources For Creating Profitable Solutions To Your Business Growth Questionssm

"We do for you what we are good at so you are freed to focus on doing what you are good at"

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A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business ~ It Seeks Answers Hidden In Data!
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Note: TBBHD is an abbreviation for The Business Builder's Help Desk™
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IT/BI Systems Support.
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BI Information Services.
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SQL Reporting Services.
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Data Analysis Services.
Are Your Data Systems Helping or Hindering Growth?
The key difference between failure, stagnation and growth is most often not a case of differentials in access to cash but rather a case of differentials in access to clearly understandable, actionable, monetizable data. In fact, access to cash itself can be greatly improved by first having access to answers uncovered by implementing effective Business Intelligence (BI). TBBHD can help.
TBBHD is an experience based, business growth resources provider. Those experiences, accumulated over many years of immersion on both sides of the Atlantic, include p&l responsibilities for a broad basket of products ranging from OEM design and production businesses to Financial, Healthcare, B2B and Software Systems and Services which means that we understand the connection between data, BI and business purpose: Some examples are shown on the left.
In fact, there are actually a number of very cost-effective ways in which TBBHD can help. For example, we can handle all of your:
  • Database Administration needs.
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services needs.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Administration needs.
  • ERP/PDM/CRM/SCM, etc., Administration needs.
  • eCommerce, Business Application and Web Services Administration.
  • And we can help correlate and integrate your Business Purpose with your Information Technology needs. In other words, we can be your surrogate IT Department handling either all or even just part of your internal Information Technology needs, saving you the burden of in-house staffing.
    Other IT systems include Microsoft Dynamics Ax - previously known as Axapta, UpShot - now Siebel CRM OnDemand, Everest Software - Versata and we also develop and support custom software solutions designed to meet specific Business Intelligence and Management Information Systems needs.
    • ERP = Enterprise Resources Planning.
    • CRM = Customer Relationship Management.
    • SCM = Supply Chain Management.
    • WMS = Warehouse Management System.
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