Starting, Building, Growing, Turning Around or Selling/Merging Your Business? Could You Use Some Help? What Kind?

Growing any business in any financial environment – good or bad – is a continual experimental, and incrementally developmental, process; a “work” that is continuously “in progress”, a journey without end if handled correctly. There is a constant need to monitor and analyze direction and results: What is working? What is not? At MISSI, here we are looking to discover, define and evaluate the real needs of entrepreneurs seeking help in resolving business development challenges by seeking feedback from that audience.

Growing any business in any financial environment – good or bad – is a continual experimental, and incrementally developmental, process; a “work” that is continuously “in progress”, a journey without end if handled correctly.

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Building a business from bare green-field site to fully operating production enterprise

There is a constant need to check and analyze direction and results: Is the mission still meaningful? Do we even have a quotable, believable and workable mission for our business? Are purpose and goals still relevant? Is the intended audience (market, customers) still open to expansion for our particular collection of products or services or is it shrinking as was the case for Buggy Whip makers in the early days of Automobiles replacing Horse Drawn Carriages. Is the revenue stream a net-cash-inflow and is the net profit margin and business equity value growing and capable of further growth … or not? So many questions that we must continuously ask ourselves, get answers and review to make sure our business direction is upwards and not stagnating or going downwards.

Cover of book 'Denial' by Richard Tedlow Richard Tedlow ~ Class of 1949 Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School ~ in his book: “Denial: Why Business Leaders Fail to Look Facts in the Face — and What You Can Do About It” wrote the following in an article published in The Washington Post

“Denial is the unconscious calculus that if an unpleasant reality were true, it would be too terrible, so therefore it cannot be true. It is what Sigmund Freud described as the combination of ‘knowing with not knowing.’

Denial is one of the most common and potentially ruinous obstacles that managers face. From Ford to General Motors, Sears to Lehman Brothers, it has torpedoed many good businesses.

Why would any sane, smart executive deny a fact of critical importance to his or her business? Because, to state the obvious, he or she is human. From the alcoholic who swears he is just a social drinker to the investor who refuses to open his 401(k) statement after a market crash, denial permeates every facet of life. The impulse to avoid painful truths, just like the impulse to avoid pain itself, is a part of human nature.”

Here at “The Business Builder’s Help Desk™” we are equally not immune from potential for falling into the same trap. Hence, even though as “The Business Physician“, the founder has built and turned-around business for what seems like forever in ventures on both sides of The Pond, and thus has a solid proven grounding in what building business takes, we decided to open up to to our readers to gather ideas, critiques and feedback to find out if we are on the right track or should consider a pivot in our business direction and purpose. We invite you, our readers, to fully take part in this defining adventure with us because our aim is to offer valuable service to you.

Our aim at The Business Builder’s Help Desk™ is to offer the solutions and resources that will help your business grow: To connect those who want answers and/or qualified professional help and/or extra resources or domestic/onshore outsourcing support in growing their business without unnecessarily also growing their overhead. That’s why we are “The Business Builder’s Help Desk™

  1. We connect businesses with needs for extra capability or capacity to businesses and professionals who have that capability or capacity.”
  2. “We also connect professionals and businesses that have excess capability, capacity and/or resources with businesses that are looking for such support services.

IE. We connect those who need extra expertise – such as consultants, contractors or onshore outsourced resources – with those who are qualified experts, professionals, consultants, contractors or who have the relevant qualified capabilities and resources. 

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Harvard Business School

However, building any business is a constant learning process: Though book learning is always helpful, nothing beats getting feedback, mentoring and guidance from those who’ve had real-world hands-on immersion in the processes of “Starting, Building, Growing, Turning Around and/or Selling, Acquiring or Merging A Business”. So we have opened up for “Discussion” by posing a number of questions here seeking feedback from you, our readers and potential clients.

Our questions are intended to help find out if we have correctly identified a need and the relevant resources to service that need. Our business goal, analogously, is to be to entrepreneurs and business builders what Lowe’s® and Home Depot® respectively are to those looking for professional help in fixing up or building homes and to be what Angie’s List® is to home owners looking for professional help such as “roofers, plumbers, dentists and more…” ~ the automatic and logical place to turn to find, and get, dependable, effective, business guidance, support and resources.

For example, if you were looking for any kind of business growth or process support help (ie: looking for either qualified experts or for other businesses or resources with particular skills or capabilities or just for advice, answers, guidance in seeking solutions to your questions or challenges about Starting, Building, Growing, Turning Around or Selling/Merging/Acquiring your onw business, then would you:

  1. Actively look for help or would you believe that you have all the knowledge and experience necessary to solve your challenges without seeking help?
  2. If you decided you did need expert, experienced business development help, advice or guidance, would you most naturally:
    1. turn to search the web or
    2. would you turn to friends and family or
    3. would you just go ahead and hire extra staff or
    4. how else would you look for that help?
  3. If you would do a Google, Bing or Yahoo type of web search for this kind of business help or services,
    1. what key words would you use in your search and
    2. how would you phrase your search question?
  4. What kind or type of help or resource would you most likely search for?
  5. What do you think is the key ingredient missing from all of the resources you may have found in any searches for help, guidance, consulting, contracting or other resources you may have looked for to date?
  6. Would you subscribe up to $19.95 per month to an opportunity to market/promote your business on our “The Business Builder’s Help Desk™” website that would also include entitlement to directly access our business prospects looking to use your type of business services via our “The Business Builder’s Help Desk™” resource?
  7. Would you consider having ready access to “The Business Builder’s Help Desk™” services as defined above in “6? to be worth more or less than $19.95 per month in potential business benefits value back to you? and
  8. What annual dollar value would you put on having this kind of service as a business growth and development benefit to you?

Bear in mind that the scope of possible issues calling for dependable, proven, outsourced, sub contracted or consultant expert support is very broad and typically encompasses financing/funding, marketing, engineering, coding/programming, software application and web development, eCommerce development, ERP/CRM/PLM/MRP/SCM/WMS systems software, MS  SharePoint, MS SQL or MySQL Database and Business Intelligence Development, Business Analytics, Operations, Supply-Chain, Production, Manufacturing, IT, HR, Virtual Office and Administrative Support, Bookkeeping and Accounting, co-working, machining, assembly, contract manufacturing, logistics or even business incubator facilities, etc., all designed to support and enhance potential for success in starting, building, growing, turning around or selling/merging/acquiring your own business.

In your reply, please prefix each answer in your comment with the above shown question number relative to the question in each case. In other words, if you respond to the question shown as “1. Actively look for help or would you believe….?” above, please start your answer by placing the related reference number – in this case “1.” – before your comments so that we can correlate replies to the question. Of course, you can also just make a general comment in reply – all feedback is welcome.

As guidance, check out The Business Builder’s Help Desk™ web site for further information about the options available for developing your business and solving the challenges to market share, revenue and profit growth. And please click on the Facebook “Like” button on our The Business Builder’s Help Desk™ Facebook page as well as the on our web site: That will help keep you up to date with our business building information posts. Thank you for sharing your opinion and feedback.

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