A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business: It Seeks Answers Hidden In Data!

This discusses the importance of uncovering, gathering and using Business Intelligence data to help grow business. This is the process that leads to revealing Business and Market Trends and presenting this information to Decision Leaders across all functions within the business to facilitate making consequential rapid tactical and strategic decisions thereby swiftly implementing intelligently driven responsive course corrections in an ever continuous “measure=>review=>decide=>implement=>repeat” progressive cycle to gain niche advantages and profitability within the ever changing environment throughout the ever growing Global Marketplace within which all businesses operate today. And here again, MISSI can help.

CAx tools in the context of product lifecycle ...
Product Lifecycle Management

A growing business is a smarter business: It seeks answers hidden in its data! Most businesses today that are actively producing products and/or services quickly build up a vast collection of data but often the value inherent in that data pool is neither recognized nor accessed as the potential gold mine resource that it really is; as a source of business intelligence to help the business grow. Inherent business value remains hidden in data, untapped instead of being mined and shared for its business intelligence benefits.

Typically, the key difference between a business facing growth versus one facing failure, stagnation and Continue reading “A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business: It Seeks Answers Hidden In Data!”