A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business ~ It Seeks Answers Via In-Bound Marketing!

Today the smarter business uses Inbound Marketing and eCommerce principles. This approach effectively drives down costs while driving up results: The mode today is to create web sites, to blog, to twitter, to use Social Networks to spread the word about your offerings and to design and use your web site to not just share information about your products and services … and … Today the smarter business also heavily relies upon data; information that it gathers from visitors to its web site, its blogs, its tweets and from the internet in general where relevant to the business and the environment in which the business is operating. The Smarter Business Knows Answers Lie Hidden In The Data And Continually Seeks to Uncover Those Clues So As To Be Vigilantly Proactive In Its Decision Making.

Nothing Ever Happens Without Sales:
And Sales cannot, and will not, happen – first and foremost regardless of any Marketing and/or Sales efforts or how wonderful you think your product is – unless your business is providing a reliable, effective answer to some particular “pain” or “need” and unless your target market is aware of your solution and has an easy way to acquire that solution.

Electronic components shops in Guangzhou. The ...
Typical Street Store Fronts

So why take the chance, metaphorically, that someone strolling along your street/web neighborhood is going to pop into your particular store/web site to buy some specific item in your store/site when you have made no overt effort to attract attention to what you have on offer in your store or web site?

That simply means that:

    a) Unless your product or service provides a clear and ready solution to a specific, clearly identifiable, need or issue and
    b) Unless you have brought your solution to the attention of your potential customers in a way that really draws them in to find out more about your solution and
    c) Unless you make it easy for them to commit to buying (investing in) your solution.

then nothing is going to happen: No one is going to happen along and buy, whether by visiting your store front or by visiting your web site, except through serendipity. Remember that “hope is not a strategy!”

Building a successful business has always been, and most likely will always be, about finding a universally¬†recognizable “pain-point” or need, something that is literally calling out for an answer or fix, and quickly providing an attractive, cost-effective, reliable, dependable, safe solution, or at least a very¬†significantly¬†better solution than any other currently available solution, to that demand.

Of course, philosophy aside, building a successful business, at its core, is also ultimately about building resultant profits and growing the net value of the enterprise both of which depend, amongst other factors, upon providing a solution that generates sufficient relief and interest to an ever growing audience that also results in a trend of increasing Sales: In other words, Nothing Happens Without Sales.

In fact, the IRS does not consider any activity to even be a “business” unless it is purposeful about making a profit, assuming the business is not intended to be a non-profit, hence building sales must be a primary objective for the enterprise or otherwise it is nothing more than a hobby. Naturally, revenue from sales must also exceed costs at some point in the life of a business but that is part of another discussion to be had later under the title “A Growing Business Is A Smarter Business ~ It Seeks Answers in Supply-Chain Processes!”.

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